Overview of Virtual Tumour

In addition to a variety of industry standard technologies Physiomics uses its own in-house proprietary platform, Virtual Tumour, to simulate the effect of (in particular) combination regimes on tumour growth.  Virtual Tumour has been developed and refined based on years of experience in simulating a huge variety of cancer types, targets and drugs.  In this section we outline the structure of Virtual Tumour and how it works.



  • Mouse and/or human PK
  • Control tumour growth data
  • PD data (xenografts, biomarkers)
  • Public or proprietary sources

Cell-level model

  • End effect of drug on cell cycle modelled
  • Drug combination effects derive naturally from modelling approach
  • Agent based model tracks cell division and death
Cell-level Model

Tumour-level model

  • Volume of tumour derived from #cells
  • Simple tumour geography also accounted for
  • Multiple tumours per subject can be modelled (e.g. for human trials)
Tumour-level model


  • Tumour dimensions over time (e.g. RECIST, WHO)
  • Outputs can be displayed in multiple formats to drive insights