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Understand and illustrate mechanism of action

How does a candidate drug produce an effect on cell fate, based on the target(s) it hits? Models can help answer this question and provide a practical tool to describe and illustrate the mechanism of action of a drug. Using our ModelPlayer simulation platform, our partners can simulate the effect of their proprietary drugs, aid interpretation of data and facilitate comparison of different compounds.

Our biological models are constructed by our team of experts in biology, mathematics and computer science through a rigorous process. The models are extensively referenced, discussed and documented in our model database. This knowledge can be quickly transferred to our partners.

Our models can be used to test hypotheses, illustrate disease processes on different levels and facilitate research scientists’ understanding (figure 1).

Mechanism of Action
Fig. 1 Our models simulate effects on different levels, from intracellular biochemistry to cell
populations and “Virtual Tumours”.

The FDA’s “critical path initiative” (2007) specifically identified modelling as an important factor to improve the success rate of drug discovery.