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Physiomics Virtual Tumour technology

The Virtual Tumour (figure 1) is a sophisticated computer model that simulates tumour cell division and the effect of antineoplastic drugs, taking into consideration the differences between proliferative cells and those that are part of the necrotic core. The complexity of the model is deliberately constrained so that it can be parameterised with data that is usually produced during drug development:

  • drug concentration profile
  • biomarkers measuring the cell population response to the drug effect
  • xenograft growth measurements showing how tumour growth is affected

This technology provides a rationale for designing an appropriate schedule, and allows our partners to prioritise the most effective drug combinations.

Physiomics Virtual Tumour
Fig. 1 Physiomics Virtual Tumour simulation platform. The Virtual Tumour is a computer simulation of a growing tumour, which integrates the cell division dynamic with the effect of antineoplastic agents. The platform is composed of PK models of the drugs of interest, as well as a pharmacodynamic model of cell cycle progression. Drug effect can be calibrated by using various data sources: in vivo target inhibition (IVTI), xenograft growth timecourses, flow cytometry and public literature data.

ModelPlayer simulation platform

Physiomics ModelPlayer (figure 2) is a stand-alone application that runs our cell population models, so that our partners can perform their own simulations. We can provide tailored version to our partners, allowing them to simulate the effect of their proprietary drugs, and design novel drug schedules and combination therapies. Working alongside partners’ teams, our simulations provide unique insight and support development decisions.

Fig. 2 Physiomics ModelPlayer™.


SystemCell Technology is a patented control system architecture covered by:

  • US patent: 6,446,055 issued Sep 3 2002
  • European Patent: 0937286

The priority date is November 5th 1996.
Physiomics is currently pursuing other patentable innovations relating to the pharmaceutical application of systems biology and SystemCell technology.