EasyAP / Cardiac Toxicity Service

cardiotox1_tn Physiomics'  EasyAP and cardiac toxicity service


Physiomics has developed new services and technology for predicting cardiac toxicity that is 50% more accurate than the best current competitor.


  • ArrowCardiac toxicity is a leading cause of attrition in clinical studies and post-marketing withdrawal
  • ArrowAll candidate drugs must be screened for activity against the hERG potassium channel (FDA requirement)
  • ArrowOptimal design of future studies
  • ArrowPhysiomics' EasyAP is a Web-based simulation and analysis tool for high-throughput ion-channel screening data. Please visit EasyAP website for more information.
  • ArrowPhysiomics' technology takes into account activity against hERG and two additional ion channels (hNav1.5 and hCav1.2) to deliver 50% greater predictivity than the best model currently available

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Clinical PK/PD

pk_tn Physiomics' clinical PK/PD service


We can offer Model Based Drug Development (MBDD) services which include:


  • ArrowPopulation PKPD analysis of clinical data – select the right dose and regimen to maximise efficacy and minimise safety concerns
  • ArrowBack-translational analysis – place emerging early clinical data within the context of the preclinical data package
  • ArrowOptimal design of future studies – minimise no. of measurements to maximise information
  • ArrowPreparation for due diligence – merge preclinical and clinical data to provide a holistic view of the compound

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Virtual Tumour

Virtual Tumour animation Physiomics' Virtual Tumour platform predicts optimal drug dosing, scheduling and combinations.


Physiomics helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to determine optimal doses, schedules and combinations for their preclinical oncology candidates.


Virtual Tumour provides the following key benefits:

  • ArrowImprove success rates for oncology candidates entering clinical studies, by increasing efficacy
  • ArrowReduce the time taken to do proof-of-principle
  • ArrowReduce the cost of xenograft study programmes
    (fewer experiments needed)
  • ArrowProvide regulatory agencies with a rationale for the design of a clinical study programme

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Virtual Tumour Clinical

Virtual Tumour animation Physiomics' Virtual Tumour Clinical


Physiomics extends its Virtual Tumour platform to the clinic.


Virtual Tumour Clinical provides the following key benefits:

  • ArrowPotential to improve response and survival rate in the clinic through enhanced drug potency
  • ArrowTransform clinical decision making in terms of dose and schedule
  • ArrowModel the dynamics of tumour size and circulating biomarkers available from individual patients
  • ArrowUnderstand how changes in schedules and doses of drug combinations affect the dynamics of tumour burden

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